Dated: 22nd Jan 2022

Dear Community members,

Thanks for your support, we have received many inputs/feedback and we are constantly improvising our plugin platform. This week, we have made an update in the following segment and it is LIVE now.

If you see any issues post these updates, do reach out to us in Discord

Node Operator Platform

  • Add More Stake / Node

    • User can add more stake/node - Currently, the maximum staking allowed is 4000

  • 2FA Issue / Reset

    • If the user has an issue with 2FA, and want to re-set. Email should be triggered from their registered email ID and admin can review & reset - Note this is a very critical process, so the verification will be multi-fold.

  • My Earnings Menu

    • Rewards will be monthly.

      • Reward calculation starts from the day, your node is "Active" - i.e, after your stake

      • For ex - If a user activated the node on 15th Jan 2022, he/she will receive the reward(10%) to his registered wallet on 15th Feb 2022

  • Dashboard Improvements

    • Staked by User to reflect (Initial stake + "Top-up") value.

  • Node listing view

    • Optimized the node listing view

Upcoming Release

Scheduled on: 29th Jan 2022


  • External Adapter for Weather Node Use case - In progress

  • Different job tasks & the instructions to use - In progress

  • Backup Process - In progress

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