Process of Approval

The process of approval is simple and short:-

  • Please use the link in your Dashboard to submit the new node details after reviewing and acknowledging the clauses that appear before the submit button. Only proceed with submitting the node details if you agree to all the clauses. To view the clauses, scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • Node Submission Reference:

  • Send us an email( with the screenshot of your testing as given under the “CONSUMER CONTRACT” section on the “Steps to Setup Direct Request Job” page.

Mail Subject: Approval request for <your_plugin_registered_email_id> Mail Content:

Attachment 2: The screenshot wherein the Job is run successfully.

Before Submission, Please Review and Acknowledge the Following:

  1. I confirm that I am above 18 years of age and possess the required technical knowledge in Linux, Cloud server handling, solidity Smart contract, and basics of Database.

  2. I commit to ensuring that my nodes will be running 24/7 and will independently handle any technical issues to ensure continuous availability.

  3. I acknowledge that Plugin's Governance Committee has the authority to alter the rewarding mechanism, and I will comply with any decisions regarding the reputation and rewarding logic made by Plugin's governance committee.

  4. I acknowledge that I am not a resident/citizen of a country sanctioned by the UN.

  5. By checking the boxes above, I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the disclaimer.

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