How to add more stake in Node?

This document explains, how to add more staking on your existing node which is approved and staked the minimum amount of 2000 PLI

Currently, a total of 10,000 PLI is the maximum stake one node can have.

Step 1: Make sure, your node is active and the minimum staking amount is staked which is 2000 PLI

Step 2: Go to the "My Nodes" Section, scroll right to your node and you should see the "Additional Stake" option

Step 3: Click the "Add Now" button and you will be taken to the below page

Let's see what it has and how to read

  • Initial Stake indicates, total PLI that you have staked already for this node

  • Top-up Stake indicates, how much you have added as additional stake

  • Total Stake indicates - Summation of "Initial Stake + Top-up Stake"

  • Stake allowed to Top-up indicates - how much additional PLI you can top-up, here it is 2000

  • Enter the Token to Stake - Here you have to feed the number of tokens you want to stake as a top-up.

    • This number cannot be greater than "Stake allowed to Top-up".

    • This number cannot be in decimal or fractional.

    • This number cannot be in -ve.

Step 4 - Put the number of tokens you want to stake like below and click "Save Changes"

Step 5 - After you click "Save Changes", you should see an alert box for confirmation like below, type "yes" & confirm

Step 6 - You will have to "Sign & Confirm" the transaction, and you should be good to go

Step 7 - After, a successful transaction you should see a page like below

"Total Stake" should sum up, the top-up value + initial stake --> here it is 4000 and the user cannot add more top-up.

Step 8 - It will also display in the dashboard, here (Staked by user -> 3000)

Note - This user is a Bounty winner(50%), and he had a stake of 1000 initially & now after top-up (2000), it is summed up to 3000 PLI

For 90% Bounty winner, it will be 2200 PLI - after top-up

For Non-Bounty winner, it will be 4000 PLI - after top-up

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