Dated: 06th December 2022

Dear Community members,

We thank you for your support, we have received many inputs/feedback and are constantly improvising our plugin platform.

We have made much progress with respect to Plugin Core Improvisation & Plugin Eco System development. Herewith, we have attached the summary of updates that went through in the last few months.

Going forward, we will be sharing an update bi-weekly, as we are making huge progress with Plugin Eco System.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our dev team on the Discord Channel.

  1. Features/Modules Enabled

    1. Yield Farming ( https://pliyf.goplugin.co )

      • We have introduced Yield farming with a minimum requirement for staking to be 50,000 PLI tokens and a maximum of 1 Million PLI tokens.

      • 2.5 % per month in PLI tokens (APY 30%) are given as a reward subject to yearly review by the Governance Committee.

      • Please go through the docs.goplugin for all the steps and requirements to become a part of this significant project of yield farming.

    2. Crypto Compare-Pricing Index

      • We are happy to add the crypto compare-pricing index to our “Use Cases” list. As a node operator/data feed provider, you should be able to set up a crypto-compare adapter that can bring the currency pair value to end customers quickly.

    3. Plugin WFN - Ambient Weather Unit Onboarding Instructions

      • We have provided the steps from where you can buy the unit to the actions to build the entire setup.

      • Once you complete the entire process of the setup and after staking is done successfully the node details will be pushed into our 'Data collector engine' and your contribution to the weather use case starts.

    4. Plugin WFN - Acurite Weather Unit Onboarding Instructions - LEGACY

    5. Data Feeds ( https://feeds.goplugin.co )

      • The Plugin Data Feed module has been improvised to make it easier for the Node operators and the end consumers to provide and consume a data feed from Plugin

  2. New Feature Updates

    1. Modular Method Deployment (Recommended Approach)

    2. Script Method(Legacy)

    3. New sections under FAQS

    4. Queries are added under FAQs

    5. The SLA for each ticket is reduced from 24 to 36 hours to 8-12 hours and 30-50 minutes during office hours.

    6. Plugin Team, has built the following features for XDC Community - for ease of onboarding and user experience

Upcoming Release

  1. Restructure of the network architecture of Plugin.

  2. Plugin 2.0 - Whitepaper with significant enhancement with Network Architecture is in progress

  3. PLIP -1 (Plugin Improvement Protocol).

  4. Addition of feeds on our Data Feed Platform https://feeds.goplugin.co/

  5. RPC Load Enhancement

  6. Mobile Application Development for Plugin

  7. XDC Full node has been set up to balance the RPC load

  8. Crop Loss Compensation - Proudly presented as “In-Sure Pli”.

  9. Flight Delay Compensation - Mobile Dapp

  10. Yield Farming - Mobile DApp is in progress to give a better user experience

  11. HUMCEN IPR Platform - SaaS platform for Patenting

  12. Plugin Emergency Connect App - Development Geared up

  13. Plugin Active Participation & Updates Sharing are in https://xdc.dev our community platform

  14. Weekly metrics of SLA for the tickets will be shared on https://xdc.dev.

Note:- Each line item update will be shared as we progress

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