Script - Phase 1

Through the bash / shell scripting method, you will be able to install the complete setup in few steps


Please ensure, you have git & curl command installed already. If not, use the following command

sudo apt install git

sudo apt install curl

Please install an editor of your choice(like vim, nano etc.,) to edit files during installation

Do a git clone and perform the following actions

git clone

cd plugin-deployment

There are two scripts in this folder namely,

  • 1_prerequisite.bash


Create two files namely '.env.apicred', '.env.password', by using the below mentioned command in terminal.

touch .env.apicred
touch .env.password

put - the credentials in below format in '.env.apicred' file - these credentials helps you to login your Plugin GUI


put - password(very strong) in '.env.password' file and it should follow specific format, which is given under NOTE



.env.password => contains your Keystore password                      
#   “must be longer than 12 characters”,			    
#   “must contain at least 3 lowercase characters”,	     
#   “must contain at least 3 uppercase characters”,	     
#   “must contain at least 3 numbers”,			     
#   “must contain at least 3 symbols”,			     
#   “must not contain more than 3 identical consecutive characters”.	

Before triggering 1_prerequisite.bash, please ensure to change the password at line number 203. The password should be a strong one as it is a Postgres password. Keep in mind that, the password should not have * or @ characters

Open the terminal, go to a specific folder, and trigger the bash file like below


What it does?

  • It installs all prerequisites for the plugin environment.

  • If your system already has a few packages that are necessary for Plugin environment, then the packages will throw error/warning messages and override the same.

  • It is always recommended to go with fresh VPS or Machine

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