PLISwap - How to instructions

To ensure a smooth experience with Plugin Bridge functionalities, users are encouraged to follow these instructions:

This guide offers a step-by-step manual for users engaging with the Plugin Bridge. It covers essential actions such as logging in, token locking, minting, importing tokens, integrating Polygon Network feeds, and unlocking tokens in the XDC Network. Currently, the bridge is available for Polygon Mumbai & Mainnet, soon we will open this for other chains as well. Down below, you could see the instructions to perform PLI swap between XDC Apothem to Polygon Mumbai.

Login PLI Swap

- Access:

- Requirement: Possess Testnet PLI tokens in the XDC Network.

- Note: Obtain Testnet PLI Tokens for Apothem TestNet at

- And then click Connect Wallet

Lock & Mint tokens in XDC Network

- Procedure: Lock a specified volume of tokens in the XDC Network to mint an equivalent amount on the Polygon network. Click on “Mint on Polygon”.

Import Minted Tokens into Mumbai Testnet

- Action: After minting tokens on the Polygon network, import them into the Mumbai Testnet.

- PLI Token on Polygon Contract Address: 0x26FD686728D7bFEfD575592e1ef75E607EB1A209

Integrate Feeds

  • Access feeds platform to consume the data from polygon network


Unlock PLI in XDC Network

- Unlocking Procedure: Burn the tokens minted in the Polygon network to unlock PLI tokens in the XDC Network.


Let’s take a look at the following example to understand how it works

1. Locking Tokens (User A)

- Action: User A locks 100 PLI tokens in the XDC Network.

2. Minting Tokens (User A)

- Outcome: User A receives 100 PLI tokens minted in the Polygon Network.

3. Spending Tokens (User A)

- Transaction: User A spends 10 PLI as an Oracle fee in the Polygon Network.

4. Burning Tokens (User A)

- Action: User A can now burn only 90 PLI tokens in Polygon to unlock their 90 PLI tokens in the XDC Network.


  • Only Metamask wallet is currently supported; ensure your Testnet for XDC & Polygon is enabled in Metamask.

  • Our development team is actively working on adding support for other wallets and networks as we expand our capabilities.

  • This document is subject to change based on future network onboarding.

Reach out to us on Discord if you face any issues

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