Node Installation


  1. Login as root to your new VPS

  2. Update the system and add base packages before executing the below command on the root terminal.

    • sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install -y git nano curl && sudo apt autoremove -y

  3. Allow permissions on the below ports.

    1. sudo ufw allow 6688

    2. sudo ufw allow 6689

  4. Create a new admin user account

    1. sudo groupadd my_new_user

    2. sudo useradd -p $(openssl passwd -6 my_new_password) my_new_user -m -s /bin/bash -g my_new_user -G sudo

  5. Now open a new terminal session to your VPS and logon with your new admin user account and complete the rest of the steps.

    1. sudo -i -u my_new_user

  6. git clone

  7. chmod +x *.sh

  8. ./ mainnet

[Usage: ./ {function}]

Example: ./ mainnet where {function} is one of the following;
  mainnet       ==  deploys the full Mainnet node & exports the node keys

  keys          ==  extracts the node keys from DB and exports to json file for import to MetaMask

  logrotate     ==  implements the logrotate conf file 

  address       ==  displays the local nodes address (after full node deploy) - required for the 'Fulfillment Request' remix step

  node-gui      ==  displays the local nodes full GUI URL to copy and paste to browser

  1. Run the following commands

    1. source ~/.profile

    2. pm2 status

    3. pm2 log [id]

  2. Login to the node UI with the credentials from pluginV2/apicredentials.txt

  3. Go to the keys section and fetch the node address & fund it with 1 XDC and 1 PLI.

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