Flux Monitor Job


To create new job, login into the UI of the node and Click on Jobs > New Job, as shown below

  • contractAddress:The address of the FluxAggregator contract responsible for managing the data feed.

  • threshold:Represents the percentage threshold of deviation from the previous on-chain answer. This threshold must be met before a fresh set of observations is submitted to the contract.

  • absoluteThreshold(optional):This parameter indicates the absolute numerical deviation necessary from the previous on-chain answer before submitting new observations. It's particularly useful when data can sometimes reach zero, making it impossible to calculate a percentage deviation from zero.

  • idleTimerPeriod:Specifies the time interval (starting from the initiation of the last round) after which a new round is automatically triggered. This occurs regardless of any observed off-chain deviations.

  • idleTimerDisabled:Determines whether the idle timer is utilized to trigger new rounds.

  • drumbeatEnabled:Indicates whether the drumbeat mechanism is employed to initiate new rounds.

  • drumbeatSchedule:Defines the cron schedule for the drumbeat. Use the same syntax as the cron job type, and remember to include CRON_TZ.

  • pollTimerPeriod:Sets the frequency at which the off-chain data source is inspected for deviation against the previously submitted on-chain answer.

  • pollTimerDisabled:Specifies whether the occasional deviation check is employed to trigger new rounds

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