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How to Navigate Dashboards

Step 1 - Login onto using your credential
Active Nodes
It is number of nodes you have submitted for review & approved by admin
Monthly incentives which gets deposited into user XDC wallet
On a scale of 1-5, the reputation gets displayed to user. Lower the value, lesser the reward %
Penalties shows the number of PLI to deduct from the monthly incentives. It directly co-relates with reputation
Total PLI Balance
Bounty Rewards
Staked by User
Staked by Plugin
Total PLI balance from user waller address from XDCPay
If bounty user, it has number of PLI to be available for user (Virtual amount)
During node setup, user has to stake PLI and this shows the amount of PLI staked by User
For bounty winners, this amount gets staked by Plugin Team. To avail this, user has to first stake and plugin team will stake for the respective node.

Login Sessions

  • It has the login activity details by the users

Node Details

  • It has node details submitted by the users