Withdraw PLI from Plugin Node

Whenever you set up a plugin node, a dedicated wallet will be generated and it is unique to that plugin node address. It is necessary to sufficiently fund your Plugin node with XDC for the transaction fee & PLI for the oracle fee.

So what if you want to withdraw a portion of this to your wallet?

Step 1) Every plugin node generates the unique wallet and generates the private key in the database.

Step 2) You can find the “private key’” for your wallet in the “Keys” table in Postgres

Step 3) With a sudo user, you can view the json value in the table

Step 4) Copy down the json into a json file(let’s say — Test.json)

Step 5) Import this json into metamask to view your XDC / PLI balance

Step 1) Login into Postgres

sudo -u postgres -i

Point to right database

/c plugin_mainnet

Step 2) Apply following Query

select json from keys LIMIT 1;

Step 3) Copy the json values into a test file

copy the complete json values into a test file.. say test.json

For ex — below data(mock) for your reference..

{“id”: “afa354f-8a9a-4cb2-ba22–8bc19d842b7d”, “crypto”: {“kdf”: “scrypt”, “mac”: “04d3dd0f3f2b44444f9350560bfa828b3658703676636c2751993c983d9b40c6”, “cipher”: “aes-128-ctr”, “kdfparams”: {“n”: 262144, “p”: 1, “r”: 8, “salt”: “6d99ff17d887763d3774aa5bc00631e2a79763be68884af1e4f262cd8cd0828”, “dklen”: 32}, “ciphertext”: “3bfee9e6ed917f1b335e95df5554ebc72c80e63979027e74634f2aebf08f02f1”, “cipherparams”: {“iv”: “eb3bcbabf6d871c829e5948da9a690c0”}}, “address”: “bb4d8683f2924473c579c539436810d5ac28aab3”, “version”: 3}

Step 4) Add Xinfin mainnet in Metamask using “Add a network” option

Step 5 - Now choose “Import account” and select JSON file as type. (Password should be the same as your Keystore password which you entered while you setup Plugin Node)

Note: This step will take some time so please be patient also ensure, your node is running and the Plugin UI is logged in (localhost:6688)

You can see the address loaded and it shows the right balance of XDC & PLI

To view the PLI balance, click “Import token”.

Step 6 - Copy-paste the PLI mainnet smart contract address (prefix to be changed from XDC to 0x) and click “Add custom token”

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