• Be a "recognized" Validator" in the Plugin ecosystem.

  • Though it is minimal to start with, earnings through this validator node will be an additional revenue stream.

    • For an instance, 1000 hits will make it to 1000*0.01 = 10 PLI (assuming 0.01 is an oracle fee set by you).

  • More the Index Pair you set, the better the hit rate from defi applications.

  • Better response rate, will earn you a "Super Node Badge" from Plugin which in turn will draw the attention of the data feed users to pick your index pair.

Note : Whenever any end consumer consumes data from a specific node with the help of the deployed Internal contract address, a transaction fee (setup by node operators ~0.1 PLI) will be transferred from the consumer to the Node operator’s oracle contract. The token from the oracle contract can then be withdrawn to the respective wallet.


  • The User Interface is fast and easy to work on.

  • The Data Feed charge is pocket friendly and very affordable in competition to other data feed providers.

  • The data feed users will have the liberty to choose.

  • Here you will have multiple options to choose from, be it sources or be it currency exchange and also a wide variety of data feeds in the Plugin data feed library.

  • There are more than 1 source for some currency exchange, and the best thing is that it is visible on the data feed as well. That implies full transparency.

  • The users can place their request on “” if a particular data is not found in the data feed list.

  • The data we provide is real-time information provided by our data feed operators who are chosen after a strict procedure to ensure high-quality data.

  • The feeds are strictly monitored, so there are no discrepancies in the result.


  • Consumption of your API services will be very high and the product of that will be an increase in earnings.

  • There will be a huge flow of traffic toward your API.

  • Data feed providers will be sharing their high-quality data with smart contract developers and applications.

  • The reach of your data will be immense and will only go upward.

  • Data feed providers will also get the opportunity to customise API calls on user demands.

  • Providers will have the ability to provide different data as per the user’s request and even make additions in case the service isn’t available, which in turn will help your service to grow.

  • Easily integrate the API into our Plugin Ecosystem.

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