Dated: 13th Jan 2022

Dear Community members,

Thanks for your support, we have received many inputs/feedback and we are constantly improvising our plugin platform. This week, we have made an update in the following segment and it is LIVE now.

If you see any issues post these updates, do reach out to us in Discord

Node Operator Platform

  • Alert feature in the Node Submit Request form

    • Will help the node operator double-ensure before they submit the node details

  • Alert feature in the "Job request" form

    • Will help node operators to double ensure before they submit job details

  • My Earnings Menu

    • New menu has been added, which allows node operator to view their rewards earned

  • Dashboard Improvements

    • Incentives in the dashboard will reflect accordingly when they earn rewards

  • Landing Page Node Display

    • Node details in the landing page has been optimized

  • Edit options (Node name, Description & Logo)

    • Node operators can update their node details now, after node submit request is approved.

  • Service Provider Typo fix

    • Contabo typo error fix

Upcoming Release

Scheduled on: 20th Jan 2022


  • External Adapter

  • Different job tasks & the instructions to use

  • Node Listing View

  • Backup Process

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