Rewards Information

The monthly reward for a validator node:-

The monthly reward for the staked PLI tokens is 2.5%.

Validator Nodes are expected to be operational 24/7. Node operators are rewarded for the trustable data and any false data will be penalized through the ‘carrot and stick’ method.

How does the rewards penalty work?

Penalties will be calculated as the total monthly reward minus (the number of inactive days multiplied by the per-day incentive).

Even one hour of downtime will be reflected in the reduction of the per-day incentive.

To further elaborate, Firstly, the number of inactive days is calculated using multiple levels of testing on the node, and then that is multiplied by the per-day incentive. After which the value is subtracted from the monthly reward calculated for that node.

Where can I see the number of inactive days per node on the platform?

The number of inactive days per node can be seen on the "My Incentives" Page once you log into the Oracles Dashboard.

What happens to my rewards when I unstake my validator node, rebuild it, and restake it. ?

During this process, if your node address changes, your rewards are calculated afresh from the date of your new node staking. And, if your node address is not changed and remains the same as the old node's address, then there is no impact on your rewards.

Important Note: If a member has a staking reward day on the 15th day of each month and if the member unstakes on the 10th day and does rebuild, restake, etc., then the reward on the 15th will not be given, instead the reward will be calculated from the 10th day onwards. So you might be missing 25 days rewards.

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