Dated: 14th Feb 2022

Dear Community members,

Thanks for your support, we have received many inputs/feedback and we are constantly improvising our plugin platform. This week, we have made an update in the following segment and it is LIVE now.

If you see any issues post these updates, do reach out to us in Discord

Node Operator Platform

  • Raise Ticket

    • User should be able to raise a ticket from the oracle platform itself. Not required to send an email for support.

    • The following ticket will be addressed

      • 2FA Reset

      • Rewards

      • Reputation

      • Wallet Address issue

      • Address Change

      • Staking related queries

      • Jobs

      • Others

Please note, the SLA for each ticket is 24 to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the ticket it may vary.

Upcoming Release

Scheduled on: 21st Feb 2022


  • Weather Node Setup Directions to roll out

  • Data Feed Provider Module

  • Aggregate Oracle Smart Contract

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