As part of the ongoing transition of Plugin from version 1.0 to 2.0, Plugin governance committee after a thorough assessment has decided to discontinue Re-staking and Top-ups to the staking.

Plugin’s Restaking model offers our node members an easy-to-use interface, where node operators can verify their stakes and restake the tokens.

This feature is to automate the staking process, with one click the restaking will be enabled and the restaking of tokens will become automated and members can earn rewards for the same without much hassle.

The main objective of this feature is to increase user flexibility and transparency. To enable Rewards or Restaking we have added a new toggle button on the Dashboard, and in one click you will be able to enable restaking for all your nodes. A chart will be displayed on the Dashboard showing the currently available tokens for top-up and Restake. Once Restake is enabled the tokens will be locked for one year and the user will receive the rewards for the restaked tokens.

Restaking can be activated only for active nodes. If a member has 4 active nodes, once restaking is enabled then the model will be activated for all 4 nodes.

Once Restaking is activated, Restake will happen automatically once the rewards for stake reach 1000 tokens on the specific node (if the total staked tokens on the node is greater than 10,000).

If the total staked tokens are less than 10,000 but restaking is enabled, then the rewards will be top-up to the tokens until it crosses 10,000 total staked tokens.

The rewards for staking will be restaked and the rewards for restaking the tokens will be sent to their respective wallets.

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