Remix - Contract Deployment

When you deploy a contract via Remix, it will not show the contract instance but get deployed successfully. In that scenario, follow these steps

Step 1 - Copy your transaction and explore in -- >

Step 2 - Copy the contract address and paste that address in "At address"

Step 3 - Once the address is pasted, click "At Address" and you should be able to see the contract instance below

external-initiator - No such help topic is available

External initiators are disabled on nodes by default. Set the FEATURE_EXTERNAL_INITIATORS=true configuration variable to enable this feature.

external-initiator command not found

  • Ensure " go install " worked fine

  • Login & logout from your terminal

(http://localhost:8080/jobs) received bad response '401 Unauthorized"

  • session logged out, try login again

WebSocket: bad handshake (Http status 502 bad gateway)

  • WebSocket connectivity is down, check your node logs and observe what's going on

external-initiator: record not found

  • record name<NAME> you create during below step and the record mentioned in the "job-spec" while creating job should be same

    plugin initiators create <NAME> <URL>

external-initiator: record not found

select * from external-initiators; ==> Gives you record name you defined

select * from endpoints ==> gives you endpoint you created

How to kill the existing docker containers

  • sudo docker ps -qa|xargs sudo docker stop

  • sudo docker ps -qa|xargs sudo docker rm

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