How to Un-Stake the node.

Unstaking of the node that has completed 1 year of staking but has not opted for "re-stake" follows these steps:

  1. Log on to the dashboard and go to the "Stake" menu.

  2. After selecting the "View" option, you'll notice a button labeled "Request for Unlock" if your node has been staking continuously for a year without any restaking.

  3. Once the governance committee reviews your request, your node will be set to the "Unlock" status.

  4. You can then withdraw the staked tokens, and the node will be deactivated.

For members who do not meet the criteria mentioned above, the process remains unchanged

  1. Raise a ticket/query with the Plugin Team, including the node's IP Address and stake ID, along with the reason for unstaking.

  2. After the team verifies the request, it will be presented to our Governance Committee for approval.

  3. Once approved, the node will be "Unlocked," allowing members to withdraw their tokens.

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