Benefits To Node Members

  1. Once, Restaking is enabled, the entire process becomes automated.

  2. Restaked tokens will be locked for 1 year and you will receive 2.5% of the restaked tokens as monthly rewards when you cross 10k staked tokens on your node. And in case your total staked tokens are less than 10k, then you will continue to receive 10% of the staked tokens.

  3. The tokens will be locked for 1 year, and if the node gets deactivated due to any issues, the member will continue to receive the rewards for restaking as it will be locked for one year.

  4. Restaking once selected will be applied to all the active nodes.

  5. Rewards on the restaked tokens will be provided to the member every month.

  6. Each node will have an individual restaking ID and the chart with the details specific to that node will be displayed on the dashboard.

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