Modular Method Deployment (Recommended Approach)

Read through the for clear instructions - Click here
A special thanks to the contributor @inv4fee2020 (discord id) for the great work & thanks to all the community members for the feedback to improvise the same.
Step 1 - Logon as root to your new VPS
Due to the various experiences across different VPS hosting platforms, let's update the system & add in base packages before proceeding;
sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install -y git nano curl && sudo apt autoremove -y
Step 2 - Create a new admin user account -- Copy the below text into a local text editor on your pc/laptop e.g. notepad -- Change 'my_new_user' & 'my_new_password' for your values and paste the code to the terminal
sudo groupadd my_new_user
sudo useradd -p $(openssl passwd -6 my_new_password) my_new_user -m -s /bin/bash -g my_new_user -G sudo
Step 3 - Now open a new terminal session to your VPS and login with your new admin user account and complete the rest of the steps.
Step 4 - Once logged on as your new admin user - run the following commands;
- Now we clone down the install scripts repository
cd $HOME
git clone
cd plugin-deployment
chmod +x *.sh
After you git cloned Follow the instructions further