How to Migrate my Plugin Node to New Server?

Migrating the Plugin node to a new server is easy if you have followed the latest script from our plugin-deployment folder(Modular Script Method). For other steps, such as docker, or an earlier version of plugin deployment adopted by users, new documentation will be shared.

If you have followed the Modular script method(recommended), then please proceed as follows

  • Raise a ticket at and keep the Plugin Team informed, with the reason why the migration is to happen (with proper business justification)

  • After you get a "Go-ahead" signal, please proceed with the following steps

  • Read through & follow the below steps

Please note, while doing this backup, your node address and oracle address may not change. You will have the entire credential as same as your previous server. So you should be good with it, and you need not stake or re-stake.

During Migration, if you happen to see the changes in your node address (mostly it won't), but if there is any change with your node address. Then you have to request for "Un-stake" and do "Re-stake" again.

Follow this article for Un-staking & Re-staking => Click Here

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