How to submit Node Details

Step 1 - Login onto using your credential
Once your node is ready with the following, you should be able to submit the details to Plugin Team to review & approve the same.
  • Node Address
  • Oracle Contract address
  • Job ID
Note, a node can have multiple job setup. Basically, job allows the end user to consume the tasks. More the jobs you setup and share with community, higher the chance to get the PLI fee
Click - My Nodes -> Add Node & provide the following inputs
Following fields are required to add
  • Name - Name of your node (It is user defined) - Recommendation( Region of your server) For instance - Ohio-Server1
  • Short Description - This will be displayed and visible to public, so keep it descriptive enough so user can understand about your nodes
  • Provider - Aws or Google or Azure or Vultr or other service providers - you can name it
  • IP Address of tha machine -- Note this will not be visible to public users -- Only for admin review
  • Operating System
  • RAM - 4GB, 8GB etc
  • Security Patch Version - Current Version of OS & respective security patch details
  • Oracle Address - "Smart Contract" which you deployed during node setup
  • Node Address - "Plugin Node Address" - Regular account
  • Wallet Address - XDC Wallet address
    • Key input.. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE D'CENT Wallet address here. Since, after your node is approved, you are expected to do "Staking".. Only XDCPay wallet works for staking at this point.
  • Network - Mainnet or Apothem (Mostly it should be Mainnet) for public use
Once you submit the node details, it will notify "Plugin Team" for review & approve. So expect little delay for review & approve, as the requests queue will be high.
It is very important to give correct information, else the node will not be approved. So take time to review before you submit. If there is no enough data, your request will be "returned for modification" - which you can view it in "My Nodes"