How to add Job to your node

Step 1 - Login onto using your credentials

Step 2 - Go to the "My Nodes" menu

Step 3 - Click "Manage"

Click "Add New" & fill in the information like below

  • Name - Job Name - For instance - "Sleep Task"

  • Short Description - Short description to explain what this job does

  • Oracle Address - Oracle Smart Contract address

  • Job Id - JOB ID received, during job setup in Plugin Node

  • Cost - Fee, you want to get from users to use this job

  • Job Specification - JSON Specification

For instance -

An oracle can connect with multiple jobs.

After you submit the job, it will be in a "Pending" state. To view " Go to my Nodes -> Choose the node -> Manage

Plugin Team, will review & approve the job id to display in "Oracle Platform"

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