Fund your Node

It is important to fund your plugin node with minimal XDC and PLI to process the request from Oracle

How to fund your node

  • Login into your Plugin GUI by http://<remote ip / localhost>:6688

  • Go to Key section

  • Grab "address" from "Account Address" of Type "Regular"

  • Go to XDCPay or MetaMask where you have XDC / PLI and transfer some funds.

It is not necessary to dump all the funds here. 10 XDC & 5PLI should be fine to start with.

Also, this is not staking!.. It is just to allow your plugin node to process the transaction if any, comes your way.

Be cautious to fund your Node address only with the required Tokens for testing (1 to 5PLI max) DO NOT FUND MORE THAN THIS!

The user or the Plugin Team will not be able to withdraw any tokens that have been purposefully or mistakenly transferred to a Node address.

After transferring the funds, you should be able to see it in the PLUGIN GUI like this

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