Steps for Restaking

Here are the steps you need to know, to enable the restaking model for your node.

  • To Enabled Restaking, a toggle button is created on the dashboard to enable the restaking model for all your active nodes.

Note - If restaking is not enabled, then the rewards will be sent to your wallet and won’t be restaked.

  • Once Restaking is selected then the rewards will not be sent to the wallet but instead added to Restaking / Top-up and you will receive the rewards for those restaked tokens.

  • In case you activated Restaking, but the total staking on your node is less than the maximum stake of 20,000 then the Rewards will be added as a top-up stake and you can check the details on the Stake Menu.

  • Once the total of Top-up stake rewards crosses 500 tokens, then the status will be updated to “Yet to Stake “ followed by which the Governance Committee will stake the tokens on your behalf. And once this is done, the status will get updated to “Stake”

  • A chart specific to each node with a restaking ID will appear on the Dashboard showing the currently available tokens for top-up and restake.

  • Once the total staking on the Node reaches the maximum stake of 20,000 then the Rewards will be added to the Restaking and can be checked on the Restake Menu.

  • Once activated restaking will happen automatically once the top-up rewards reach 1000 tokens (If the total staked tokens on a node are greater than 20,000).

  • As you can see in the above image, the user will be able to view the automated Restake by us on their behalf, the already staked tokens, and the tokens that are yet to be restaked.

  • The yet-to-stake tokens are the rewards for the re-stake that get accumulated until they reach 1000 tokens, after which those 1000 tokens will also be added to the “Total Restake”.

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