Plugin WFN Use Case - FAQ

This page provides the FAQ pertaining to the weather node. We will constantly update the FAQ based on our community interaction.


  1. When can I unstake my WFN Node?

As mentioned, rewards for the WFN Node will be sent until the 30th of June 2024. You'll be able to unstake and withdraw your tokens to your wallet by the end of June.

  1. Can we onboard our nodes at this moment?

We have temporarily paused the onboarding of the weather forecast nodes.

  1. If I face issues while withdrawing WFN Staked tokens, how can I reach out to the team?

The team is always available on Discord, and we actively monitor the WFN group. Additionally, you can raise a ticket to the team.

  1. Can't see the unstake button on the WFN Platform?

It will be available by the end of June 2024, on the WFN Platform “

  1. Can I use a different wallet to unstake and withdraw my WFN Node?

During withdrawal, operators should use the wallet address that was used while registering WFN into our platform.

  1. What happens if I miss the deadline to unstake my WFN Node?

We would recommend keeping a tab on the WFN platform and trying to unstake at the earliest. We would keep sending a couple of reminders to WFN Operators to complete this transition smoothly.

  1. Will there be any penalties for unstaking my WFN Node early?

Certainly not, there are no penalties for unstaking your node early, but if you withdraw tokens before the rewards due date, you’ll lose the rewards. So please be mindful when making the withdrawal.

  1. Can I restake my WFN Staked tokens after unstaking them?

You will be notified when the WFN platform is resuming its operation.

  1. How long does it take for unstaked WFN tokens to be available in my wallet?

It may vary depending on network congestion and other factors. Typically, it can take a few seconds to minutes.

  1. Is there a minimum amount of tokens required to unstake for a weather forecast node (WFN)?

No, when you un-stake, the entire tokens staked will be returned to your wallet.

  1. Can I delegate my WFN unstaking process to someone else?

No, only the concerned node operators should be able to perform this unstaking process. No delegation is allowed.

  1. Will I still receive rewards for the period between unstaking and withdrawing from the WFN Node?

No, you’ll not receive rewards once the node is unlocked.

  1. Can I track the status of my WFN unstaking request?

Yes, you can track the status of your unstaking request through the WFN dashboard.

  1. Which Weather Unit model should I buy to participate as a data provider? Members can purchase an Ambient weather unit model as mentioned below. (Note:- Nodes onboarding is currently paused) Members who had purchased the Acurite weather unit can continue contributing the weather data. We started supporting the Ambient weather unit now due to their global support. Members are advised to contact Ambient for their support in your local region.

Ambient Weather Unit

Model: Ambient Weather Smart Weather Station with WiFi Remote Monitoring and Alerts and 24" Mounting Pole – Plugin, decentralized Oracle built on XDC network

  1. Where can I purchase the Weather unit?

Users can buy the sensor from the below-mentioned link. Ambient link:

  1. How to install the Weather unit?

Please follow the steps provided in the product manual.

  1. How to register the weather unit on the Plugin Platform?

Follow the document at (Note:- Nodes onboarding is currently paused)

  1. How much staking is needed for a weather unit to participate as a Data Provider?

1000 PLI & 5000 XDC should be staked to participate as data providers.

  1. What are the points or cautions to be taken care while staking for WFN?

Please adhere to the following for successful staking.

  1. Before you click the "Stake Now" button, make sure you have sufficient balance in your wallet(XDC & PLI).

  2. Do not navigate out of your browser or close your window, after you initiate the Staking Txn. We will not be able to capture your transaction & you will lose your assets and we cannot trace them back.

  3. Please wait for the transaction dialog box to trigger from your XDCPay and "Accept" the same.

  4. Two alerts will trigger to the stake, one for PLI(1000) and another for XDC(5000). Please be patient and allow the XDCPay to open the Txn Dialog box.

  1. What is the duration for weather unit staking?

This staking is for one year.

  1. How much I will be rewarded for setting up this weather unit?

The First 100 users, will get 7% of staked PLI & 7% of staked XDC as reward benefits for maintaining the weather unit & keeping it up & running 24/7.

  1. How many weather stations can a member deploy?

Community members can deploy multiple weather stations like one at home, office or shop, etc., subject to a minimum distance between 2 such sensors is at least 2 km.

  1. What are the basic criteria needed to participate in a weather use case as a data provider?

One should have uninterruptible power and wifi access. An outdoor place to install the weather station outdoor unit, so that the weather station should be freely exposed to all weather environments without any interruption.

  1. Do I need to set up a plugin node to register my weather unit?

Not really, you have the option to set up a weather unit and be a data provider. It is not mandatory to host a plugin node to be a data feed provider.

  1. I have already installed the weather unit, as a beta user. Should I participate in staking?

Yes, it is necessary to be a part of the staking program to receive the reward benefits.

  1. Is Staking enabled for the Weather unit?

Yes, Staking is enabled and for staking for WFN, you need to have 5000 XDC and 1000 PLI tokens in your wallet.

  1. What are the details I need, to register the weather unit in the plugin platform?

You should share your device ID, and your location coordinates (city, state, country, latitude, and longitude). You should abide Plugin Privacy policy for sharing your coordinate details.

  1. What should I do if my weather unit is not working or switched off for any issues?

In such a situation, please raise a Ticket intimating your weather unit status to the Plugin team. So that we can stop collecting your weather details. Please ensure to get back your weather unit in working mode to avail the reward benefits.

  1. What if want to withdraw my stake, well within 1 year of the staking period?

We strongly recommend the data feed providers keep the machine running for 1 year to avail of the reward benefits. During the unavoidable situation, if you happen to relocate, then please ensure the weather unit is re-setup in a new location & share the inputs with us. At any cost, "Un-staking" will not be entertained for 1 year.

  1. Will I get reward benefits even after the staking period?

Yes, as long as we receive the data from your weather unit. You will be rewarded.

  1. I am not on the "First 100" list, can I participate in this "weather unit" staking program?

Yes, Plugin welcomes data feed providers.

  1. What is the maximum cap for the number of weather stations for Plugin WFN products?

We are looking forward to deploying 1 Million weather units across the globe.

  1. How many weather units can a member install?

Currently we are allowing 1 weather node per member, but we have plans to accommodate more weather units per member.

  1. Rewards Penalty Percentage based on downtime for Weather Forecast Node Operator.

  • WFN Node Inactivity for 1 to 2 days: No penalties will be incurred.

  • WFN Node Inactivity for 3 to 7 days: A penalty of 25% will be applied.

  • WFN Node Inactivity for 8 to 14 days: A penalty of 50% will be applied.

  • WFN Node Inactivity for 15 to 21 days: A penalty of 75% will be applied.

  • WFN Node Inactivity for 22 to 31 days: A penalty of 100% will be applied.

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