PLI Yield Farming

Staking on PLI Yield Farming has been temporarily halted from December 31, 2022, until further announcement.

Since the staking has exceeded the expected numbers.

The Key features of PLI yield farming are given below

  • Staking requirement: Minimum 50,000 PLI tokens – Maximum 1 Million PLI tokens.

  • Mandatory Staking Period: 1 year, once the tokens have been staked, unstaking should not be allowed under any circumstances.

  • Rewards: 2.5 % per month in PLI tokens (APY 30%) subject to yearly review by the Governance Committee.

  • Rewards will be given only if staked PLI is in multiple of 10,000 tokens over and above 50,000 staked tokens.

  • Plugin Yield Farming UI: A “state of the art” interactive interface for the members.

  • A dedicated technical champion providing necessary assistance.

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