This Page gives the Freqently Asked Questions and it's clarifications with respect to YieldFarming.

  1. Can I continue Yield farming for one more term? Plugin Yield farming cannot be continued after 365 days, from the date of your each deposit.

  2. When can I withdraw my tokens from "PLI Yield Farming"? At the end of 365 days from the date of deposit, members will be eligible for unstaking and withdrawal.

  3. Can I withdraw all my tokens after an year? Yes, you can withdraw all your tokens which has completed one year of holding period from the date of deposit in Yield farming contract.

  4. What happens when my tokens are unstaked and retained in the contract? Once the tokens are 'Unstaked' it is the responsibility of the member to withdraw the tokens. When the tokens are unstaked and not withdrawn, depositors will not get rewards for holding their tokens in Plugin's contract.

  5. Will I get my PLI back, if I lost my wallet access through which I registered and deposited in Yield Farming? It is the primary responsibility of the member to have access to his/her wallet. If the member lost access to his/her wallet address, then the staked tokens remain in the contract address and nobody can access those tokens.

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