In the Plugin ecosystem, VRF requests are financed through subscription accounts. These accounts serve as a centralized source of funding for your VRF requests, eliminating the need to provide funding each time your application requests randomness. By using the Subscription Manager, you can create an account and pre-pay for VRF services.

Plugin VRF subscription manager allows you to subscribe to the VRF services.

Subscription Parameters:

  • Subscription ID: A distinct identification number, typically a 64-bit unsigned integer.

  • Subscription accounts: Accounts that hold PLI tokens to support requests made to Plugin VRF coordinator contract.

  • Subscription owner: The wallet address responsible for creating and overseeing a subscription account. Only the owner has the authority to add approved consuming contracts or withdraw funds.

  • Consumers: Contracts that have been granted permission to utilize funds from the subscription account.

  • Subscription balance: The quantity of PLI tokens maintained within the subscription account. Requests from consuming contracts will be supported as long as there are sufficient funds in the balance. It's essential to maintain an adequate balance to ensure the smooth operation of your applications.

  • Gas price: The fluctuating cost of gas determined by network conditions.

  • Callback gas: Gas used for the callback request returning requested random values.

  • Verification gas: Gas used to verify randomness on-chain.

  • Gas lane: The maximum gas price in wei you're willing to pay, set by keyHash in your request. These limits manage gas price spikes.

  • Callback gas limit: Maximum gas allowance for the callback request, set by callbackGasLimit in your request.

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