How to use

The GoPlugin-APIDiscovery platform is specifically designed by our partner TeejLab for the Plugin Community. On this portal, you’ll find important instructions for accessing the platform. After creating/accessing your account on the platform, we encourage you to continue visiting this page in the future for other useful information and announcements related to the platform.

  1. Click on the link received in the email Invite and it redirects to portal, navigate to API Categories -> A- Goplugin Recommended APIs to see the list of APIs available for use.

2. List of available APIs will be displayed.

3. Click on one of the API (for example Cryptocompare) to get the API endpoint.

4. Click on the API to get the actual API endpoint URL as below.

5. Select the “Request Body” tab and click on the Example Request and it will populate the data in the Request Body text box.

6. Execute the API with input {"fsyms": "BTC", "tsyms": "ETH"} in request body and check for the response in My Results -> API requests.

7. API key can be fetched from the profile page and this API-KEY can be used for all the APIs listed on the Plugin-TeejLab portal. For the first time Generate a new key and keep it safe for using it in your applications.

8. You could follow similar steps in the document to create an external adapter and the jobs.

NOTE: API Endpoint URL and API key obtained from the TeejLab portal can be used in the adapter.

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