How to stake PLI token for Plugin Node

Step 1 - Login onto using your credential
In the menu section, you can find "Stake" option
As soon as your node is reviewed & approved, you will be able to see your approved node in this section.
For bounty winners, 90% or 50%, the respective token to be staked for the first node. For instance, here this user is not bounty winner so he has to stake 2K PLI node for this address
For 50% bounty winner - They will by default stake 1000 PLI for the first node
For 90% bounty winner - They will by default stake 200 PLI for the first node
Remaining tokens for bounty winner will be staked by Plugin Admin for the first Node.
It is very important to note that, your wallet address(XDC Pay) is defaulted. Stakijng will take two key parameters -- Your node address & Wallet address as inputs
Staking required two operation to do
  • Sign
  • Stake
Once you perform both the operation successfully, respective token will be deducted from your wallet address & staked on your behalf.
After you stake successfully, your node will be displayed in the oracle node platform home page like below
For Bounty Users, after user stake the PLI, PLUGIN Admin will stake the remaining tokens. Only then, the node will be displayed in the home page. - So dont' be surprised if your node is not visible immediately after you stake, if you are a bounty user.
Once you staked, you can see the details in "stake section"