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Please note, we have updated the links to RPC & WSS on mainnet, which are currently down as we are restructuring our Plugin Ecosystem. We will make an announcement once we are ready with the new Plugin Core.
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    General Questions
What is the ETA for a ticket?
The updated ETA for a ticket is 05 - 30 minutes during office hours and 12-24 hours during weekends. To drive the issue to the closure we suggest a detailed explanation of the issue with more details.
What should I do in case I accidentally sent my PLI Tokens to Plugin Mainnet address?
The Team/User would not be able to refund or withdraw the PLI tokens sent to Plugin Mainnet.
What should I do in case I accidentally sent my PLI Tokens to my node address?
Firstly, you will be able to withdraw tokens from your node address only if your node is active. If your node is deactivated and deleted then the withdrawal will not work, and tokens will be lost. Refer to this link https://docs.goplugin.co/node-operators/withdraw-pli-from-plugin-node to withdraw your tokens from your node

I have all my PLIs in Exchanges or other wallets. Should I transfer all the PLIs to XDCPay?

Not necessary, only the required amount that is to be staked could be in XDCPay. Also, we need to communicate with your XDCPay wallet for reward transfer using web3.

My old phone broke before I was able to transfer Google Authenticator to my new phone. How do I fix this?

Open a new ticket or send a mail to [email protected] with the details such as username and email address, and we will perform the 2FA Reset.

How does the penalty work?

If there is any downtime, the percentage of the reward will be in proportion to the uptime. In case of any bad behavior, like misleading information or inputs will allow the PLUGIN team to deactivate your Node.

Can I host more than 1 Node?

Yes, you are free to set up more than 1 node now. We are allowing the node operators to set up a maximum of 4 nodes at the moment.

How long the staking period will be?

The staking period is 1 Year. During this time, your token will be locked in the smart contract.

I purchased PLI tokens in exchange?, can I run the node using that

Yes certainly you can but are required to move the PLI tokens to any of the wallets mentioned below: XDCPay

Can I stake more than 2000 PLI per node?

Yes, please!. The maximum stake allowed per node is 20000 PLI tokens now. However, 2000 PLI is the minimum staking requirement per node.

What details should I take care of before sending node details for approval?

Firstly the details of the node have to be accurate, the IP address should be active and not contain any extra characters (6689/ https://), and fulfillment and alarm clock testing have to be done. The wallet address should be loaded with some PLIs, and the node should be on the mainnet.

I do not have a PLI token, how do I purchase it?

You are free to purchase from the following exchanges (XT, Bitrue, Bitmart, Probit, HitBTC, Globiance - Check the index pair on our website www.goplugin.co)
I want to delete my node that was approved, but not yet staked. What should I do?
Firstly mention if you are creating a new node, and if yes, is there any change in the node address and wallet address.
Please contact the team and we will return the node and update the status of the node, but the only thing is, once you reenter the details, the node will go through the approval process once again from the start.
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    Staking Related Queries

What if my node is deactivated by myself? Can I un-stake it?

No, you will have to wait till the staking or lock-in period is over, otherwise, a pre-closure withdrawal penalty would be imposed as decided by the Governance Committee.

How do I stake

Firstly, the node should be approved, and only after this would you be able to stake on a node. Refer to the link https://docs.goplugin.co/node-operators/how-to-stake-pli-token-for-plugin-node.
You have to stake 2000 PLI tokens in our smart contract.
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    Wallet Address Related Queries

I want to change my default wallet address on my active node, how do I do it?

To change your default wallet address on your active node, you will have to unstake the node and rebuild it with the new wallet address.

Why am I unable to sync my wallet to my profile?

Disable all other wallets and restart the browser, then login to XDCPay 1st and then log in to the dashboard, and try to sync your wallet address which is registered on the Plugin platform.

I am not able to top up on my node. What should I do?

Please refer to the link “https://docs.goplugin.co/node-operators/how-to-add-more-stake-in-node “ to add more stake to your node. Currently, the maximum you can top up is 18000 PLI tokens. (Please check our Discord/Tweets to know about any changes from time to time)
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    Node Related Queries

Can I create a new node after unstaking and use the exact wallet address and node address?

The wallet address can be the same, but the node address will change for sure. The IP address can also be the same in case you want it to be, but in that case, you will have to send the team a request for a backend update, after which you will be able to use the same IP address for your node.

Can I make a new node without using the old backups

Yes, you can make a new node without using backups, but if you want to use the node with the same IP address and other details, then a backup will be needed. (Please ensure you have used the latest script for the node installation).
I am unable to access my plugin GUI. What to do?
Can you see 6688 and 6689 as open? If you run sudo ufw allow 6688 and sudo ufw allow 6689 commands, it should work. Then open google online port scanner and enter your IP address and each port to ensure it's reachable. Make sure your firewalls are not blocking this service.

Do inactive nodes count towards "a cap" if there is one?

Only active nodes are counted.

The login session, node details, and wallet balance are just loading and don't display the correct information.

Please refresh your browser, and make sure only XDCPay is running on this browser. Followed by logging out and logging in to the dashboard. Just give it some time.

I am getting an error while submitting my node.

Please make sure, you have pointed to your registered XDCPay wallet, and all other wallets like Metamask, etc. should be disabled and used in a different browser. After a refresh, log in and complete the transaction.

My server crashed and I lost my node. What should I do?

This mostly happens, if the node is not frequently given a review. So would recommend every node operator review your node and make sure it is up-to-date with security patches. Due to unforeseen circumstances if it goes down, then follow the below steps.
Submit a ticket with valid justification and server issue details, such as server-down details for quick approval from the Governance committee end. Wait for a response in the Ticket. Once you get a "nod" from a committee, you can proceed with "Withdrawal".
What should I do when I want to back up and restore my node?
The following links are related to

What should I do when I want to change my IP address after a restore?

Please confirm that your reinstalled nodes, node address, and wallet address are the same as your previous setup. Also, please ensure Alarm clock testing is done for the newly set-up node. And then open a new ticket with the IP addresses.

Do I need to submit the "Alarm" clock test job for review?

Ensuring your node is running fine is most important before you submit the node details for review. So "alarm" clock testing is necessary for the same. But you need not submit the same in the "Job" submission section in "oracles.goplugin.co"

My node went down, is there any impact on my staked PLI?

No, the staked PLI is at the "Contract" level. So your staked PLI is safe. But please keep in mind, that when you are resetting the node, the same node address is necessary to reuse the node.

What should I do in case I accidentally sent my PLI Tokens to my node address?

Firstly, you will be able to withdraw tokens from your node address only if your node is active. If your node is deactivated and deleted then the withdrawal will not work, and tokens will be lost. Refer to this link https://docs.goplugin.co/node-operators/withdraw-pli-from-plugin-node to withdraw your tokens from your node
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    Reputation Related Queries

Why is my reputation value 0?

Firstly make sure to check the status within my nodes list (not on the dashboard). Once the node is approved and active, give the node some time and make sure to have zero or next to very minimal downtime of the node. In case of downtime, the reputation will be minimum. If downtime is minimal, check whether the IP address is active. If your IP address is inactive, open ports 6688 and 6689 using “sudo ufw allow 6688 “ and “sudo ufw allow 6689”. Check the pm2 logs for errors

Why is my reputation showing as 0 on the dashboard?

The main dashboard says zero for everyone, you need to go into the nodes to see the individual scores for each node. Be sure to check your actual nodes once in a while as well with pm2 status to make sure they are online and your restart counter isn't increasing. Also, please check this link for regular node maintenance https://docs.goplugin.co/node-operators/node-maintenance-instructions-for-node-operators

Why is my node reputation going down

Reputation calculation is ready with the basic algorithm. All you have to do is, keep your node running 24/7 and ensure the high availability of nodes. Random verification of the node is scheduled and it happens every day. So if your node goes down even a day, the reputation for the month is -- 29/30 and it calculates the rating for the month accordingly.
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    Migration Related Queries

I want to switch to a new "Server", how do I migrate?

We have a backup mechanism in place, in a newly set up automated script. If you have set up a node using the legacy method, you should be able to take a backup of your DB, node files into the new server. Check our Discord channel for more information

How can I migrate to a new Server?

We have a backup mechanism in place, in a newly set up automated script. If you have set up a node using the same, you should be able to take a backup of your DB, and node files into the new server. -- No re-staking is required if the node and wallet address is the same.

What if I want to migrate my node?

You can migrate to the same local machine if you have all the backups. But just make sure, before migrating make a note of the Oracle address, node address, and wallet address. After migrating, check if there are any changes in these 3 parameters. If there are changes then you will have to unstake and stake in a new node. The staking period will remain the same if you migrate the node using the backups. For taking a backup, please refer to the link https://github.com/GoPlugin/plugin-deployment/blob/main/docs/node_backup_restore.md#performing-a-backup
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    Data feeds Related Queries

Can I also support connecting Plugin to data Feed providers?

Yes, you are welcome. We have a sound business model for Data Feed providers as well as for Node Operators, who provide their services as data feed providers or connect plugins to Data Feed Providers. To know more, you may approach us at [email protected].

Where can I find Plugin Data Feeds?

https://feeds.goplugin.co/ is the place where you can check out our data feeds.
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    Unstaking Related Queries

What should I do when I need to unstake more than 1 node

Please go through the topic "What happens to my rewards when I unstake, rebuild my node, and restake?" in the link “ https://docs.goplugin.co/support/faq ” and provide your confirmation for unstaking by opening a new ticket and presenting the reason to our Governance Committee. The nodes will be deactivated one by one, by which we mean, first, deactivating one node, then building it up, followed by the other nodes, as by this we can get nodes up one by one. The request will be processed only if the reason was found valid.

Can I un-stake or request for early release?

Only node operators with a high reputation can request for un-stake or early release. In other cases of emergency of the Node Operator, the Governance Committee will take a considerate decision on receipt of the request.
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    Reward Related Queries
How does the reward/incentivization logic work?
You will be receiving -The monthly reward for minimum staking of 2,000 PLI tokens will remain at 10%; For any top-up staked between 2,001 to 10,000 PLI tokens, the monthly reward will be 5%; For the top-up from 10,001 to 20,000 PLI tokens, the monthly reward will be 2.5%.
A good reputation is necessary to avail of the reward. NOTE: Please note, members may receive the reward amount in their wallet with a difference of 1 or 2 days, due to global time difference. Please wait two days before approaching the Plugin team for your reward queries.
What happens to my rewards when I unstake, rebuild my node, and restake?
During this process, if your node address changes, your rewards are calculated afresh from the date of your new node staking. And, if your node address is not changed and remains the same as the old address, then there is no impact on your rewards. Important Note: If a member has a staking reward day on the 15th day of each month and if the member unstakes on the 10th day and does rebuild, restake, etc., then the reward on the 15th will not be given, instead the reward will be calculated from 10th day onwards. So you might be missing 25 days reward.
So, please plan your unstaking, rebuilding, and restaking process immediately after your reward day.