How to Un-Stake & Re-Stake it back?

Follow this article, only if you happen to face this situation.
You will be following these steps if the situations are like those below
  • You have migrated to a new server, with your wallet or node address changed
  • You lost your server or your node server went down
  • You want to upgrade your current running server to a high-end version, but the wallet or node address changed.

Steps to follow

  • Raise a ticket at with proper business justification.
  • Provide as much information as possible to get a quick response from Plugin Team
  • Once your ticket & business justification is reviewed by the governance committee.
    • Your node will be set to "Unlock" status
  • You can withdraw the staked token and the node will be set to be "deactivate"
  • Submit a new node request with the details asked for in the form as needed
    • Make sure, you are pointing with a new node or new wallet, else whitelisting will be failed
  • Node details will be reviewed by Plugin Team, followed by verification & approval
  • After Approval,
    • You can stake the tokens back and start contributing