How to install Plugin Node
Plugin node can be installed in 3 ways

System Requirements

Operating System - Ubuntu / Linux Kernel Version 20.04
RAM - 2GB (Minimum) - More the better For better performance of node, please use RAM of 5GB
Storage Space - 50 GB
Cloud hosting is better to provide high availability and good reputation

How easy the installation is?

We are recommending Ubuntu OS to have quick & easy installation
Setting up Plugin require good technical expertise, but we are trying to minimize and take those heavy lifting through three modes of installation.
  • Modular Method for Deployment(Recommended Approach)
    • If you are following this approach, then "not required to follow "Enabling HTTPS Connections" separately. This approach itself takes care of https setup.
  • Script Method
  • Docker Method
All these method results the same!, but the way it works differ. Modular approach, gives you a complete flexibility and recommended one.
Choose the one you find easy, depending on your expertise, and start setting up your own nodes.