How to install Plugin Node

Plugin node can be installed in 3 ways

System Requirements

Operating System - Ubuntu / Linux Kernel Version 20.04
RAM - 2GB (Minimum) - More the better For better performance of the node, please use RAM of 5GB
Storage Space - 50 GB
Cloud hosting is better to provide high availability and good reputation

How easy the installation is?

We are recommending Ubuntu OS to have quick & easy installation
Setting up the Plugin node requires good technical expertise, but we are trying to minimize the effort by heavy lifting them through three modes of installation.
  • Modular Method for Deployment(Recommended Approach)
    • If you are following this approach, then "you are not required to follow "Enabling HTTPS Connections" separately. This approach takes care of https setup.
  • Script Method
  • Docker Method
The results of these methods is the same, but they work differently. The modular approach gives you complete flexibility and is recommended.
Choose the one you find easy, depending on your expertise, and start setting up your own nodes.
Be cautious to fund your Node address only with the required Tokens for testing (1 to 5PLI max) DO NOT FUND MORE THAN THIS!
The user or the Plugin Team will not be able to withdraw any tokens that have been purposefully or mistakenly transferred to a Node address.